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Cinthia, Senior Portraits. Final Images.


When people first hear the words “Little People” most think about those who suffer from dwarfism. When I hear the words, I think about that show on TLC, but what I’m actually posting about here isn’t about that. Its about photographer Slinkachu and his amazing photographs of life in a whole different perspective. He photographs the subjects up close and then far away in order to show how perspective can not only change a photograph, but the way you look at the world in general.

It states in his bio that he has not had any formal training as a photographer and maybe took a photo 1 class in college, but as far as actual real life photography training, he has none. He owns a Canon 5D Mark II, by the way. His work puts a whole new meaning to “little people, big world”.

Photography News

I recently stumbled upon a website for anything and everything photography. It intrigued me because not only do they offer the latest news on up and coming camera’s and equipment, but they also offer photo contests with cash prizes. I know sometimes as students we’re more timid when it comes to contests (I know I am), but I think that it’s a great way to get our work out there and get noticed.

The website link is:

According to this website, Hasselblad just announced the H5D series, and it looks pretty amazing. Let the saving commence!

Pet Portrait

I recently got a new kitten and have been following it around everywhere trying to get that one perfect shot. He can not sit still and gets easly distracted by the camera lense. Right at the moment of just giving up, I finally caught this shot and was pretty content. I recently posted about a photographer that photographed stray dogs that were being put down. Although this is nothing compared to the beautiful work he did, it did inspire me to look into pet portraits.

5 Images

Cell Phone Photography.

Everyday on Facebook, I’m bombarded with photographs of people’s everyday lives that they photograph and post on Instagram. They do this of course with the help of their cell phone.

Although, yes it does annoy me that now anyone can create a great image with the touch of a button, I have to admit that some of these photographs are actually pretty nice. They are, at times, works of art.

Tyson Wheatly @TWheatly
Matt Rubin @MRubin
Simon @stmng

Even though Instagram is the most popular photo editing app that is out right now, there are plenty of photographers not using Instagram and are producing great photographs as well.

Photograph by Sheldon Wood
Photograph by Shairman Abdul Sofi
Photograph by Sandra Forbes
Photograph by Samuil H.

After seeing these photographs, I’m convinced that not only should I bring my canon to photoshoots, but my Iphone as well.